Martin Robertson

Throughout Martin’s life he was unable to walk and talk for himself but this didn’t mean that he could not communicate.  He learned to eye point at an early age and both his intelligence and his wicked sense of humour were clear for anyone to see. He was late going to school, because that was how things were for disabled children then, but he soon made up for that.  

He was keen to read and good at mathematics. He liked people and was popular with his fellows. Thanks to the staff at Corseford School, he even went on pilgrimage to Lourdes.

With school over he continued to study; photography, video making and editing and various other courses with the Open University. He hadn’t given up on travel ‘though and was soon off to Florida with several others. 

He took up acting with Fablevision and performed in two plays, one of which toured around Scotland. When not doing all that he was involved with several campaigning groups involved in the ongoing struggle for rights for disabled people. 

Once given a light talker he attended Motherwell College and lived in there for two very happy years enjoying the student life. He loved nothing more than being in crowds of music lovers at the SECC seeing Stevie Wonder, The Beautiful South and many more.

Whilst making friends wherever he went, his very best friend was his sister Zoe who was frequently his interpreter.   

Once his niece Eilidh was born he was delighted and would have done anything for her. He saw himself as her big, protective uncle.  

How much he would have enjoyed Zoe’s boys, Alexander and Angus, they would all have laughed a lot together. 

Martin was a beautiful boy who bore his difficulties with fortitude and we miss him every day.

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